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    Skype for Business

    Companies have been using video communication and collaboration for decades now, but only recently has it really gone mainstream, where companies large and small feel they can benefit from a video communication platform. In the past it was sometimes seen as a “nice to have” versus a “must have” capability. While GoToMeeting, WebEx, and Zoom are platforms that are widely used, Skype for Business has been an important driver in the increased adoption and “must have” request for web conferencing functionality in meeting spaces.

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AVolution Audio Visual Integration provides technology product solutions that are innovative and cutting-edge.

The AVolution Audio Visual Integration team adds value to any project beyond just providing individual components. We have extensive expertise in an array of audiovisual products and services. We have experience in providing solutions for a range of applications from conference rooms to learn labs, training rooms to collaborative areas. But what truly sets up apart, is the integrated focus we bring to each project. By virtue of being a part of a company whose expertise extends beyond AV, we become a partner that understands AV trends and can link them with workplace trends providing insight that helps create truly exceptional environments.

The strength of AVolution Audio Visual Integration is our focus on creating innovative work environments that inspire people to excel. Technology is a significant driver for change, critical to igniting innovation and competing in a global economy. Our team understands how technology can foster communication, support mobility, enhance collaboration and drive better business results. Our inclusive approach creates a unified ecosystem that incorporates the latest audiovisual technology with acoustics, lighting and speech privacy. As a leading audiovisual and technology integrator, we study emerging audiovisual trends and evolving technologies to understand their value and implications and then apply our expertise to customers ranging from start-ups through global multi-nationals.


For more than a decade, Steelcase has understood the importance of technology in the workplace. Steelcase has not only supported the expansion of a Corporate Interiors Audio Visual division, but has encouraged the strong relationships we have developed with our key vendors. Our customers, whether local, regional or global, directly benefit from this level of commitment.


The AVolution Audio Visual Integration team is substantial and highly qualified, providing the foundation for exceptional service. We have dedicated audiovisual employees and our members possess extensive industry experience and a decade of history working together.


The rate of change in the technology industry is staggering and can be overwhelming. The AVolution Audio Visual Integration team is highly trained in the latest technological advancements. But more importantly, they are able to translate this knowledge into practical applications for the workplace and beyond.

  • Keeping up on current audiovisual trends can help put issues you are facing into perspective.
  • Our team has the expertise to guide you through projects both large and small.
  • We’re here to help! The best way to understand our capabilities is to contact us and let us demonstrate our value.

Toll Free: 1-888-280-1105