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AVolution Audio Visual Integration is a division of Corporate Interiors.  We offer a wide range of AV products and services and specialize in providing a holistic solution that seamlessly blends architecture, furniture and technology.  With 3 strategic locations, we support clients in greater Philadelphia, Delaware, southern New Jersey and beyond.  Our staff of skilled experts provide detailed plans, quality commercial AV products and timely, accurate installations.

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Work is evolving. Markets are global. Employees are mobile. Business issues are more complex and require cross-functional teamwork. Yet workers and information are often separated by time zones, making collaboration a challenge. The name AVolution came from the idea that the audiovisual industry and the needs of our clients are constantly evolving. Our goal is to adapt ourselves to those changes in order to provide solutions that are cutting-edge and support our clients goals. 

The AVolution audiovisual team understands how technology can foster communication, support mobility, enhance collaboration and drive better business results. Our holistic approach creates a unified ecosystem that incorporates the latest audiovisual technology with acoustics, lighting and speech privacy. Whether you need an HD telepresence boardroom, interactive learning space or master control of your technology and building systems, we can provide you with a solution that exceeds your expectations.

  • Study emerging technology trends and evolving technologies
  • Understand how to support your unified communication strategy
  • Create innovative applications that bring value
  • Leverage our state of the art AV laboratory to build and test systems offsite
  • Develop custom graphical interfaces for simple user control
  • Provide ongoing support when you need us

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Toll Free: 1-888-280-1105